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(Windows) Version 1.5.8 released

What's new:

  • Print feature.
  • Bug fixes.

(Windows) Version 1.5.6 released

What's new:

  • Added option: Use local date format.

(Windows) Version 1.5.5 released

What's new:

  • Tags settings: adding, deleting, rearranging tags.

Login through Facebook account

Login through Facebook account is now available.
No need to register on the site if you have a Facebook account.
Now everyone can post messages on the Forum using a Facebook account.

(Windows) Version 1.5.4 released

What's new:

  • Multi-row delete (select several events holding Shift or Ctrl then press Delete key).
  • Several key shortcuts added:
    • Ctrl-S for save,
    • Ctrl-O for open,
    • Insert or '+' or Alt-E for Add Event,
    • '*' or Alt-R for Add Recurrent,
    • '=' or Alt-B for Adjust Balance,
    • Alt-F for toggle the Filter on/off.
  • Several key shortcuts added for events grid (when the grid has focus):
    • Enter or Space for Edit selected event,
    • Home for positioning on the next event after current day,
    • End for positioning on the last event,
    • Ctrl-A for selecting all filtered rows.

Published the manual guide for importing data from custom Excel/CSV file

Here is the manual guide:

(Windows) Version 1.5.3 released

What's new:

  • Import from custom Excel spreadsheet (requires MS Excel to be installed).
  • Import from custom CSV file.

(Windows) Version 1.5.2 released, (Android) Version 1.0.9 released

(Windows) What's new:

  • Tags feature: set tags for events, filter by tags.


(Android) What's new:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Compatibility with the version 1.5.2 for Windows.

(Windows) Version 1.5.1 released

What's new:

  • Fixed a bug in auto-scrolling to newly added event.
  • Interactive daily balance chart now shows weeks (bottom axis).

Cash and the City beta for Android published on Google Play

Cash and the City beta for Android published on Google Play.

Install it from here: Get it on Google Play


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